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    Disney Character Look-alikes audition

    Did anyone go to the wdw character look-alikes audition this morning? or in October? How did it go?

    On the website is says to wear comfortable, professional styling. Would that be business casual? or sweats like a normal character audition?

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    Re: Disney Character Look-alikes audition

    I'm also curious if anyone went to the audition a few days ago. I wish I could have gone, but I had exams this week.

    Anyway, I did go to a giant character performer/look-a-like audition about a year ago. I was pretty casual. I wore like movement/so low pants and a tee-shirt. From what I hear, if you are going out for a look-a-like role, they want to see your shape so I would recommend something that shows your shape. Most people wore things that they could move easily in. I only saw a few people who were dressed up in businessy clothes and they definitely stood out.

    hope that helps
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