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    Magic Kingdom on Fri w/ EE or Sat w/o?

    I will be at WDW from Thursday 11/3 to Saturday 11/5. We only have about a half day on Thursday, so I am looking at going to MK and Epcot on Fri and Sat.

    I have heard that MK (or any park) on days with Early Entry tend to be more crowded. So the question to you experts is, should I go to MK on Friday with EE and Epcot on Saturday (no EE) or vice-versa?

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    Re: Magic Kingdom on Fri w/ EE or Sat w/o?

    I can't help much since I do not follow WDW's flow patterns as much as others do but, my assesment is that while EPCOT has the Wine/Food Fest going...many locals crash EPCOT on weekends... But they do the same at the MK as well regardless... So I honestly don't think it makes any difference.

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