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    Castmember Secret

    Don't know how many (if any) of you frequent Post Secret. It's one of the sites I try to read every week, and very interesting.
    Basically people send in secrets anonymously, and they post them.

    This week, there is a secret from a Disneyland Cast Member (but I think it applies to WDW as well)


    Check it soon, they update every Sunday, so it'll be gone by 2/07

    (it's 1/3 of the way down, 11th from the top)

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    Re: Castmember Secret

    I love Post Secret. This was a great, heartwarming secret to read.

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    Re: Castmember Secret

    Quote Originally Posted by astrologic View Post
    I love Post Secret. This was a great, heartwarming secret to read.
    I agree, it was really nice to read that the cast member got that much enjoyment out of his/her job.

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    Re: Castmember Secret

    neat and so true. We are obsessed with picture taking that we forget to watch and see the moment in the moment. Look without a view finder stuck to your eye.

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