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    Fastpass at WDW same as DL?

    Hey I was at WDW two years back and am now planning my second trip. I am a Disneyland regular and was wondering if WDW has the same unofficial policy with FastPasses. If a get a Fast fast with a Start and End time, can I use it any time that day after the Start time like you can at Disneyland. For example if I have a Space Mountain fast pass for 10 AM - 11 AM, can I come back at 930 PM and use it? This is important to me becuase I use this system to plan my days.

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    Re: Fastpass at WDW same as DL?

    Yup, it works the same

    And it's ok to add that to the end of a post, but I wouldn't suggest doing it to every one. You can also add it as your signature
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