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    Toy Story 3 Characters

    Hi There, I was just curious if anyone has heard any news about which Toy Story 3 characters would be joining the park? I have heard that Lotso would be, that they are removing the Up characters from the animation building and setting up for the TS3 characters, I can't see that they would do that for only one new character and Buzz and Woody already have their set up in Andy's Room, so was just curious, just trying to plan a trip and would love to know what characters would be out other then Lotso, I am really hoping for Mr. Pricklepants. Thanks in advance for any advice.

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    Re: Toy Story 3 Characters

    IDK... I guess it would depend on what new characters people like? I wonder if they have done any polls or anything yet? I would love to meet peas in a pod, but I don;t think that will happen lol They will probably have that pink bear, since he seems to be the main villain
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