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    Fantasmic and Wishes dining question

    Hi everyone,
    The wife and I are planning a trip in October and we already have a couple questions. First, does anyone know what times Fantasmic is usually presented in October (the date we're looking at is when extra hours are offered and it shows DHS open until 10:30 p.m. that evening). We're still contemplating the dining package, but as none of the restaurants offered are appealing to us (and as it's just us this trip) we're thinking of standing in line for an hr. or so before it opens to get a decent spot. That enough time?
    On that same vein, we are interested in finding out more about the Wishes dessert package at MK. Will it still be going on in Oct (or put on hold because of Halloween/MNNSHP) and if so, is it worth it?

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    Re: Fantasmic and Wishes dining question

    Not really answering your questions here (sorry), but I just wanted to say something about the Fantasmic Dining Package. Last year, my family booked the dinner package only for the reserved Fantasmic seating. We booked at Mama Melrose's although we had absolutely no interest in dining there. It turned out to be one of our favorite meals that week and we're going again just to eat there. The service and food were great, and the prices were actually reasonable.

    We were, however, very disappointed with the Fantasmic seating. The seats were off to the side of the theater and you had to arrive 45 minutes before the show anyway. At that time, we could have taken seats in the center of the theater. On top of that, we had seen the Disneyland Fantasmic the year before, so we were incredibly disappointed with WDW's version.
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