By the time I saw it in 1978, "Honor America" was gone. It was pretty much the same as the souvenir film I bought at the Magic Kingdom, although the actual footage was from Disneyland.

Here is the footage:

[ame=]YouTube - Main Street Electrical Parade Disneyland Anaheim California Super 8mm HBVIDEOS[/ame]

I just dug out my copy, and it's very badly faded to red now. This version on YouTube has had the soundtrack replaced. My copy simply repeats the Baroque Hoedown throughout the whole film.

The sad part is, my own Super-8mm Sound movie camera was able to capture it brilliantly under the dark show lighting. Unfortunately, I didn't know it would work, so I only filmed the first minute or so. I had also purchased the souvenir film by that time. I should have just taken my chances on wasting film. I was shocked that it could capture the parade. My home footage is still as vivid as it was in '78. The commercial footage is in sad shape.

Also noteworthy: when watching my home movie, I noticed there were a lot of burned out light bulbs, both on the facades and in the parade itself. Not just one here and there, but many, many bulbs were out that night.