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    Can someone please do me a favour..... I'm looking for a dollar priced quote, but it keeps sending me to the international site and telling me in pounds. They also keep quoting me for uk only tickets that are not really what we want this visit. I've found flights that when combined with packages booked stateside save about $450 (300) on the pound price but involve a 5hr drive and overnight at the airport.

    I'm looking for POR or POFQ, 14 nights from 6th sept, 2 adults 1 child, QS free dining, 10 day MYW, which I want to consider upgrading to a premium AP at the start.

    Our other option is AP and discounts at any value or Port Orleans, but then we'd lose dining, so i'm hoping that a dollar price saves more and convinces mrs T that it's worth it.
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    Re: Quote...

    Try browsing the site using a service that routes your traffic through US IPs...

    you can find common tools/methods if you look at popular needs like using hulu internationally

    Some examples (you can ignore the block media portions...)
    IP Hider Accesses Hulu, Other US-Only Content from Outside the US
    Access US-Only Web Content with Hotspot Shield
    Access Hulu from Outside the U.S. Without a Proxy Server

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    Re: Quote...

    The regular dining plan is what is included with stays at Moderate hotels, so the quotes below include that and not the quick service plan.

    2 Adults
    1 Child
    Checking in 6 September, checking out 19 September
    10 MYW Base Ticket plus Dining

    Port Orleans, Riverside - $3,334.54
    Port Orleans, French Quarter - $2,968.98
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