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    Is it ever too early/soon to plan/pay for trip to Disney World?

    My daughter would like to go to WDW again since the last time we went she was 6. She will be a junior in high school this year (2010-2011). I told her that perhaps it could be a graduation present since it is a big expense. Does anyone know if I could purchase park tickets, rooms, packages this far in advance and lock in today's prices instead of waiting two years when I'm sure it'll all go up.?

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    Re: Is it ever too early/soon to plan/pay for trip to Disney World?

    Tickets yes. Rooms, not quite yet.......for a June 2012 trip the earliest you will be able to pay for it* will be around August of 2011.

    But don't........for you see, the very best deals for a June 2012 trip will actually be available later not earlier....probably sometime in Feb. of 2012.

    Hope this helps

    *a package deal that is...if you actually want to pay full rack rate for a hotel room I am sure they'd let you do that anytime.....but that would defeat your ultimate purpose of saving money by several miles
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    Re: Is it ever too early/soon to plan/pay for trip to Disney World?

    Ever too early? Never.

    You may miss out on some deals, but if you are looking at a popular hotel (if you are staying in WDW) then its never too early.
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    Re: Is it ever too early/soon to plan/pay for trip to Disney World?

    I booked maybe ten months prior when I went in 2006. I was able to book a package that I could cancel without penalty.

    It worked well in that I secured the dates and hotel I wanted, but was able to change to the free dining offer when it became available.

    It's an approach I'd recommend.

    You'll want to book at least six months in advance if you want the most choices when it comes to dining reservations as well.
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    Re: Is it ever too early/soon to plan/pay for trip to Disney World?

    Talk to Fairy Godmother, as they welcome micechatters, Fairy Godmother Travel
    They can book you in advanced and then adjust your rate to the best available rate at that time. Quite nice when there are no fees for using them and you don't have to worry about searching for the best rate.

    As for planning stuff, you can always plan beforehand, it is great fun in my opinion and there are so many possibilities. You just got to figure out what is best for you and those you are traveling with.

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