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    Re: Walt Disney World Resort Update

    But I'm with him. I haven't been a fan of TLS after the ride was gone, but in June and July I went in to say goodbye and see the preshow. I wanted to see it one more time. Which I was unable to do with WoL.

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    Re: Walt Disney World Resort Update

    Quote Originally Posted by Niyxstyx
    Over the course of the next couple weeks, the turnstiles at Epcot will be going through a series of positioning tests to see how the traffic patterns work with different configurations.

    As an Epcot Park Greeter, I can honestly say that the newer configuration with the bag checks at central plaza is going to allieviate many of the crowd problems Epcot has had in the past. We now have the ability to shift our open turnstiles to fit the needs of the crowd, instead of having to work around available security.

    As with all theme park tests, guest participation and reaction is appreciated, so if you have the chance to visit Epcot between now and Thanksgiving, let Guest Relations know how you feel about the various configurations, and they will help us determine how the turnstiles will be run in the future.

    Cast Member participation is also highly recommended, so some of the changes you may see are ideas from myself and my fellow greeters.

    I wish they'd just do away with the farce that is "PR security checks."

    Let's face it. 95% of the CMs sticking a flashlight into a diaper bag couldn't find a WMD if he/she was sitting on it.

    It's just a way to make ignorant guests feel safe when the sad fact is they aren't. If an 'evildoer' (love the word, so happy our prez thinks we are in the Dark Ages ... then again, maybe we are) wants to kill themselves to take others with them, it's going to happen. I hope it never happens at WDW or any other theme park, but the checks do absolutely nothing (I've never even see security confiscate a bucket of KFC or a couple of Whoppers) but remind intelligent, intellectual guests just how unsafe a world we now live in.

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    Re: Walt Disney World Resort Update

    Quote Originally Posted by askmike1
    You didn't miss much. You missed an elevator that went nowhere and perhaps the corniest preshow film ever made.

    The film was only corny because it should have been replaced a dozen years ago. When the pavillion opened in 1986 (were you alive then? ... no, I guess you couldn't have been.) the whole experience that was The Living Seas was simply amazing and did a great job of making you feel transported to a sea base on the ocean floor with discovery and adventure around every corner.

    Now, we just Pixar the place and hope for the best.

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