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    Please help the KIDs campaign

    Yes, it's that time of year again. Time for holiday parties. Overeating. Overdrinking. Family arguments that end with drumsticks being tossed across tables as obscenities fly by. Kids sitting on the laps of molesters dressed as Santa.

    In other words, as crooner Johhny Mathis would say, IT's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.

    In honor of that, I have come up with the KIDs! campaign.

    What is that? So glad you asked.

    It's the Knock It Down, stupid! campaign to rid the Disney-??? Studios of the infamous Big *** Hat that has ruined the whole look of the park and blocked the magnificent Chinese theater.

    How can you help? Anybody got a blow torch and a pickup? Nah, just kidding. But I think some buttons might help. How about tees, showing the hat on its side?

    Perhaps, a sit in at Team Disney Orlando. ... I can hear it now: Mr. Weiss, TEAR DOWN THAT HAT!!!!

    I dunno. I'm up for suggestions ... but we must help the KIDs. It's our responsibility for future Disney dweeb generations. That hat needs to be put on ebay (in pieces, naturally).

    So any ideas on how we help the KIDs?

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    Re: Please help the KIDs campaign

    Maybe we can get Bush's boys to attack it.

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    Re: Please help the KIDs campaign

    Great idea. We just need to say that the evildoers have hidden WMD's underneath it and that suckah is gonna be blown all the way to Barbados (still have the cruise on my mind!).

    Of course, if we say Disney wants to put slot machines under it, and it was approved in a legally binding election and the constitution mandates the state come up with regulations so they can be installed, the hat might disappear overnight because Baby Bush is morally against gambling except the Lotto (naturally) and Indian gaming ... (sorry, Broward County voter rant about our idiot governor).

    So c'mon ... who's gonna help the KIDs?

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