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    What's in the Castle?

    I've wondered this for a while now. I know that there's the space for the character breakfast and all that's entwined with that, plus the suite, but what else is there inside the castle? Is it just a lot of storage space or empty structural areas?

    What else could the space be utilized for if there's not much more than that in there?

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    Re: What's in the Castle?

    This should help you out. The short list is:

    The restaurant
    The Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique
    Dressing rooms (where Walt's apartment was going to be)
    The suite.

    Oh, there's also this for the view of what Tink gets to climb around in.
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    Re: What's in the Castle?

    There is also a service elevator that goes down to the tunnel and I believe some storage areas.

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    Re: What's in the Castle?

    I thought Walt's apartment was gonna be located where the suite is.

    Either way, it would be neat to see what those dressing rooms look like.

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    Re: What's in the Castle?

    I thought that Walt's Apartment became the Dressing Rooms which became the Suite?
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