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    Arrow Disney Dining Plan - How to use it/Is it worth it?

    My wife and I are planning a WDW trip for next year. We are starting to look into pricing and such and are toying with the idea of buying the dining plan. We have been twice before, once with a Disney package and the second time with a AAA package. Both times we did not buy the dining portion of the package.

    My question to those in the know, is the Dining option worth it? Do you get to eat at any restaurant? Do you get vouchers or do you just use your resort id?

    I appreciate any help or opinions you have on the matter!



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    Re: Disney Dining Plan - How to use it/Is it worth it? just published a trip report that goes into depth about the Dining Plan. Most folks who have used it would definitely say it is worth it as it's only $35 a day per person and includes one table service meal, one counter service meal and one snack per person per day and they can be pooled to eat at the better locations or you can basically use them how you want. It's all encoded on your room key and you get a receipt that shows how much you have left, kind of like using a gift card at a store.

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    Re: Disney Dining Plan - How to use it/Is it worth it?

    I would suggest going for the dining plan. There is a list of restaurants that are in the plan. Most are. The choices on the menu are good and you save a tip, I believe. Most are reporting that they are saving money. The key is if you were going to dine in that many restaurants anyway, then go for it. If you are normally a counter person and might go to one or two restaurants on a trip, then no the plan is not worth it.
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    Re: Disney Dining Plan - How to use it/Is it worth it?

    We purchased the plan for our trip- with the kids, 8 days, staying on property- it seemed like a great deal. (Kids are cheaper)! We don't plan on any off property activity this trip- and it's likely we'll eat during our 8 days ---so the choice was easy.

    I just started making dining choices for some of the character meals, etc- reservations come next.

    Happy eating!


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    Re: Disney Dining Plan - How to use it/Is it worth it?

    I have the dining plan for my upcoming trip (Dec 1-11). Already made reserverations and plan on using the plan to my advantage. By checking out the menus and prices (from I'm coming out way ahead. My biggest suggestion though is to make your dining reserverations ASAP since you want to get the best choices. I must admit that I don't like having to choose where I'm going to eat that far in advance though.

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