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    Epcot background music!!!

    I was looking back on my last trip to WDW and was looking for some music from the parks, so I found this: the Epcot, Innoventions area background music near the Fountain of Nations. Take a look/listen!!!

    YouTube - Innoventions Music Loop - Epcot - Future World

    Also, if you want me to post a good recording of the Soarin' music, post it and I'll post another thread containing it!

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    Re: Epcot background music!!!

    A reminder regarding music files...

    A reminder from our FAQ's:

    What kind of materials can I post?
    There will be times when you want to share something you found on the Internet with your fellow MiceChatters. Sharing is indeed caring. But, please be careful - there may be hurdles for you to jump. When you post information, an image, video or audio file from another source, make sure you are not posting content that is copyrighted. Such materials being shared and distributed without the consent of the person who owns the copyrights to the item in question is not allowed. This includes pictures from other websites. If you wish to discuss a picture, post a link to the site's page that the picture is on, and not the picture itself. Always make sure that you credit the original source of information which is not your own. Finally, check the terms of the site you found the information on - they will usually explain what can and can't be shared and how it should be cited.

    MiceChat reserves the right to delete content (or credit it for you), that we feel violates general copyright principles. Members are reminded to use the "Report Post" button to alert us to possible copy right infringement.

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