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Was just there yesterday with my family. Wow it was disappointing - the walk round Belle experience was quaint I suppose, but the Mermaid ride was uninspiring.

Sure the dining was nice and the 'immersion' of the new land - but ultimately there's nothing here that couldn't have been done 40 years ago. Shame Disney couldn't have used some of the FP+ cash on something exciting.

We went to universal a few days back. HP stage 2 looks incredible. If we do visit Florida again next year then will stay at a universal hotel and maybe do Disney for just a couple of days. As per todays article on this site, I think Disney thinks they can get away with milking more out of those who comes without realising people are getting bored!
I have to agree with Jinxster that the whole new fantasyland looks to be a major disappointment. Even with the Seven Dwarfs Mine Coaster open next year the whole thing makes me want to yawn.

I only get to WDW every so often and there is nothing in the expanded fantasyland which makes me want to go to it. I think I would much rather go to IOA and see Harry Potter.