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    Question Florida Resident Prices

    I have a question...

    I am a Florida Resident. I purchased a Premium Pass for Disney. My question is...can I purchase tickets for family under my name and give them to my family to use? My mom and dad are coming down to Florida for my birthday and I am looking to purchase Disney tickets for them. We would all be going to the park together and Im worried since sometimes they take finger prints. Do you think that I could purchase them for my parents, pick them up at the window, and then give them to my parents and they could still go in? Has anyone done this? Im afraid of spending the money on tickets and then them not allowing my parents in. Any advice?

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    Re: Florida Resident Prices

    Assuming you even get to the gate with them. Sometimes they require all the people to be present at the ticket window and provide the IDs there before they even issue you the tickets.

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    Re: Florida Resident Prices

    To the OP, you won't have any problems as long as you avoid residency discounted tickets, buy regular full-price admission, and the tickets aren't used by anyone besides your parents. When the ticket is used for the first time, it is attached to the user via fingerprint. Before then, you're free to buy them for whoever you wish.
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    Re: Florida Resident Prices

    I had a friend ask me to use my FL ID to buy tickets for her and her sister (who live out of state). I told her I couldn't do that. My snowbird parents ended up getting FL resident IDs of their own since they're down here long enough in the winter to qualify to get one (they're down 6 months out of the year). They mainly got them to take advantage of theme park discount admission & other FL resident perks.

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    Re: Florida Resident Prices


    We've removed a couple of posts which suggested ways to get around Disney's terms of use regarding Florida resident tickets. Since MiceChat is all about playing by the rules, we do not allow discussions which advocate ways to get around any of Disney's terms of use, so this thread is being closed.

    Thanks for your understanding.
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