I was at the local Dollar Store looking for last minute stocking stuffers today...and oddly enough found Disney children's coloring books that showcased characters that I was suggesting as walkarounds for Fantasyland.

The one coloring book was titled something like "Classic Action and Adventure Stories" and was divided into Disney films including "Robin Hood", "Peter Pan", "Hercules", and "Sword and the Stone".

The "Robin Hood" section showcased the archery tournament when Robin & Little John were disguised and then discovered by the guards with the ensuing battle.

The "Peter Pan" section showcased the pirates kidnapping Tiger Lily and Peter's fight with Hook.

The "Hercules" section I only briefly scanned and it was a battle between Hades and Hercules, with Pain and Panic assisting in the chaos.

The "Sword and the Stone" section showed the magic battle between Merlin and Mad Madam Mim.

I didn't check the publication date on the coloring book but found it very unusual and interesting!
The Dollar Store also sold 150 piece Disney puzzles...each featuring a different character. There was Alice in Wonderland, Briar Rose, Megara, and Esmerelda.