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    Question Tower of Terror Refurb . . .

    I have been out of the WDW loop for a while now, and never really realized the Tower of Terror refurb going on. What exactly are they doing, and will it at some point need to close down?

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    Re: Tower of Terror Refurb . . .

    I know exactly what you mean. It looks like a game of tetris gone bad.
    As far as I know, they simply are just repainting it during the off season as it has been fading pretty bad.

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    Re: Tower of Terror Refurb . . .

    Regular maintenance, painting, etc. I do not believe the ride itself will be going down (though I'm going by memory, I'd check the Disney website). And while the scaffolding doesn't look the greatest... the alternative is to put tarps up and turn the entire building into a large birthday box... I'll take the scaffolding.
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    Re: Tower of Terror Refurb . . .

    That's why sometimes I wish this board put more a little more focus on WDW. If we had a tenth of the exposure Disneyland gets, we'd know about this a lot sooner. I can find out what flowerbeds were changed last week in Anaheim, but I only just knew that the Tower was under a refurb. I guess that's normal though, seeing as MC and most posters are based in California.

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