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    Exclamation Star Tours Inconsistencies?

    In one of the first Star Tours: The Adventures Continue video packages we saw an advertisement for Star Tours Getaways to the planets of Bespin, Endor and (safest planet in the galaxy) Alderaan.

    Video here: YouTube - Star Tours 2 Star Wars II / Star Tours: The Adventures Continue Queue Video (CC) Available

    But on the new WDW Star Tours website it has C-3PO commenting about about 6 destinations: Tatooine, Naboo, Kashyyyk, the Death Star, Hoth and Coruscant.

    Here is the website:
    Star Tours | Walt Disney World Resort

    No trace of the three planets previously mentioned in the first video. Has there been some kind of announcement or is it safe to assume that Bespin, Endor and Aldaraan have been cut from the attraction? Or could they possibly just not mentioned them on the website?

    I really wanted to visit Bespin, that's all.
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    Re: Star Tours Inconsistencies?

    I don't think Bespin, Endor, and Alderaan were ever supposed to be part of the attraction -- and if they were considered at some point, it was probably fairly early in the attraction's development. They weren't destinations that were cut between the time that video came out last year and now.

    In fact, the video wasn't created to provide an actual preview of the attraction, but rather to simulate a "real" ad for the Star Tours travel agency, something a tourist in the Star Tours universe might see while visiting the travel agency -- it talks about activities (being able to "stay" on Bespin, "sleep under the stars" on Endor, etc.) that could never have been part of the ride itself. The only part of the video that really alludes to what we're going to see in the ride is the multi-part nature of the attraction -- i.e., going to multiple destinations on each trip.

    By the way... in the Coruscant segment of the Star Tours website, it looks a bit like C-3PO is giving you the finger...

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    Re: Star Tours Inconsistencies?

    Man, just visited the new Star Tours website for the first time...not so sure about their copywriting. What does '"Wookiee" at this relaxing nature reserve" even mean? Is "Wookiee" supposed to be a pun of some sort? I don't get it.
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    Re: Star Tours Inconsistencies?

    Kuhio is right about the video, it's advertisement of one of many Star Tours Destination Packages available for a Tourist like yourself.

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