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    WDW Marathon Hotel-need advice from locals

    Greetings all- I am flying to WDW for the 2012 Marathon. I was hoping to find out if there is a way to walk to the front entrance of Epcot from the boardwalk hotels or if you can only walk to the international gateway. I would rather not have to take a shuttle or car to the race corrals.

    Also if there isn't a way to walk, does anyone know which roads will be open to get into the Epcot parking lot? I am wondering if I should stay on the boardwalk side of the park or the port Orleans side.
    Thanks for the help!

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    Re: WDW Marathon Hotel-need advice from locals

    You could walk to the streets, and it'll be a marathon on it's own to get to the front gate. The second question I have no idea what roads they close, so im no help there. Would they not let you walk through the international gates to get there?

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    Re: WDW Marathon Hotel-need advice from locals

    I think security frowns upon people walking down the street. No sidewalk or signals, and the speed limit is 50mph. I wouldn't recommend it, at all.

    Have you thought of staying near MK? You could take the monorail over if it's open.
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