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    Extra Magic Hours

    Tomorrow we are headed to Animal Kingdom for the first time, but I just noticed that the park opens an hour early for Extra Magic Hours (which we don't have). Should we instead start the day at a different park that doesn't have EMH, and then start at Animal Kingdom a different day (we're here five days)? Thanks!

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    Re: Extra Magic Hours

    EMH tends to make that park a lot more crowded for the most part. u get all the resort people that want to get a really early start going oer there for 8 am and then they tend to stay still they have gone to everything. I would have to say going to another park instead will lessen the crowds, but again its been really crowded the past like week. So choose wisely, I would suggest using an app of some sort to check out estimated ride time to help with ur desision.

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    Re: Extra Magic Hours

    Usually on EMH days, people arrive and hit the busiest attractions first. Things like Kilimanjaro Safari, and Everest are usually ridden first at Animal Kingdom. Fastpasses are grabbed for these attractions, as well. So by the time you arrive, the park will already be fairly crowded, and fastpass times will be backed up, perhaps longer than you wish to wait.

    It might be a better idea to visit ANimal Kingdom on a non EMH day, and arrive at Park Opening for sure. You can then grab your fastpass for one of the more popular attractions, and make the best use of your time.

    Some people feel that ANimal Kingdom is a 1/2 day park, but I have always spent full days there myself.

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    Re: Extra Magic Hours

    Quote Originally Posted by Barbaraann View Post
    Some people feel that ANimal Kingdom is a 1/2 day park, but I have always spent full days there myself.
    With all the walking, scheduled shows, trying to make the safari as early as possible to see active animals, and it closing so early I can't imagine it being less than a full day. I spent two days there on my one week trip in order to do everything I wanted to do, including the shows. I loved Animal Kingdom...of course I loved it all.

    Be sure to ride Expedition Everest as many times as possible if you like thrill rides, it's one of the best coasters I've been on.

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