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    Epcot - World showcase Detailed maps

    I'm working on a model of Epcot in a popular video game from a few years back. Unfortunately I've never been to Epcot, so I'm a little bit at a loss as far as the layout of the World Showcase pavilions and details of the facades beyond just the general overview of their locations provided on park maps. If anyone knows where I can find either maps of the individual pavilions or other detailed overviews/pictures of the layout and facades, that would be very much appreciated!

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    Re: Epcot - World showcase Detailed maps

    Try google earth. With people adding the textures to the buildings you get a pretty good idea from it.

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    Re: Epcot - World showcase Detailed maps

    Yeah, two things that will really make your day:

    1.) Bing Maps! Click on Road, then on Bird's Eye, and you'll get an axonometric view of the earth that will allow you to simultaneously see rooftops and facade details. Zoom in on World Showcase pavilions (the link should go straight to Epcot) and you should get good views of all the pavilions from every angle.

    2.) This should be much more helpful but will involve downloading - download Google Earth and go to World Showcase. Then turn on 3D Buildings in the "Layers" panel and you'll notice that there are highly detailed digital models of every building in Epcot. Then you can zoom around, or even put yourself at eye level, and collect all the details you need.

    EDIT: Also, if you turn on "Panoramio" in Layers, you'll be able to surf through photos people have taken standing in different spots on the map, thereby getting you actual photographic data.

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