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Thread: Fantasmic?

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    Smile Fantasmic?

    So I was roaming through the Hollywood Studios park hours to notice that Fantasmic is now playing on ALOT more nights then it was last year where it only played on Sundays and on certain weekdays and also ALOT more showtimes. Is there something new happening to the show to update it because I would think since they now have the costs to put it up more they should be able to add something new to the performance to keep the crowds in.

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    Re: Fantasmic?

    No upgrades reported, just more showings to help handle expected crowds. The reduced showings were not an issue of the money not being there, just a measure to save more and make the bottom line look better.

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    Re: Fantasmic?

    Yes, Fantasmic has been seeing a lot more showings lately, and that's definitely a good thing, even if the shows aren't performed as frequently as they were before all of the cuts in 2009, or as many as Disneyland shows today. Hopefully they'll be performed even more in the future.

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    Re: Fantasmic?

    Well as much as I love Fantasmic ( it being my FAVORITE show out of all shows playing at all 4 parks) I feel that if their going to give more performances of it they should at least back it up with something new. I guess since WDW is mostly new tourist rather then locals it has come to the point that they dont think that anything needs to be done to it but let it grow older and older with nothing new whats so ever! WDW's version is the only one out of the other 2 that has not been updated such as a new dragon. The one in tokyo is brand new so that speaks for itself.

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