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    Talking mickey and more?

    So does anybody know if we are going to be using the interactive talking mickey more often throughout the WDW parks? Ive only seen it in Dream Along With Mickey and thats it! Disneyland is using it for meet and greets and also the new soundsational parade. The technology is amazing but is wdw using it wisely? This could be a really big thing if they expand it more throughout the park in parades shows and meet and greets. I just dont like the fact that when I go see Dream Along With Mickey I see them talking but when I go see them in person their mute. Makes sense if your doing it for one thing you should try to expand it for everything so things wont be uneven? I know it costs money but wdw should really in my mind expand it so that it could become a new thing! even for other characters too.

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    Re: Talking mickey and more?

    It's all in testing at the moment. I think that Disney is using the technology with extreme caution because you don't want mickey's head to freeze up and start acting like he's having a seizure of some type. I thing that Walt Disney World feels like using these heads during a performance okay since there is an opportunity for them to cover up any problems with the system while the performance is happening. Also, these heard are considerably heavier than the usual heads, therefore the CMs using them may need more breaks due to pulling around a lot of weight in the heat.

    Disney has always used the term "The characters are saving their voice for their performances" which kind of helps the static heads. I certainly hope Disney can perfect this technology and use it more in the future.
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    Re: Talking mickey and more?

    I agree with Disneytwins on this one! The new heads must weigh an absolute tonne with the new technology in. It'd be very difficult for a CM to walk around for half an hour or so in one of these, posing for pictures, talking to everyone individually, potentially getting knocked around a little by kids (which could also damage the mechanisms inside!). The queues for the characters would be even bigger as everyone would be desperate to see the talking versions, but the CM themself wouldn't be able to stay out as long as usual! It'd be hard to implement all over the park, partly due to this and the expense of it all!
    It is INCREDIBLE though and I too would LOVE to meet talking characters !!

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