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    Disney MGM opening day attractions.

    I went to now Disney Hollywood Studios a few years ago, and there was enough shows and rides to fill well over a day, but looking at the park's opening day attractions, it's crazy how few there were.

    The Great Movie Ride
    Studio Backlot Tour

    Superstar Television
    The Monster Sound Show
    Coming Attractions
    The Magic of Disney Animation

    All shows in the Theater of the Stars (Where Beauty and the Beast is now)
    Now Playing
    Show Biz is
    Hollywood! Hollywood!

    Later in the year (1989) Star Tours and Indiana Jones Stunt Show opened up.

    Is it just me or was that a tiny amount of attractions for opening day at a park?

    Obviously now the park has added many many more attractions.

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    Re: Disney MGM opening day attractions.

    The goal was to open before Universal Orlando. Though, it is a VERY small roster of attractions. Still is IMO.
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    Re: Disney MGM opening day attractions.

    Yah. As fun as the rides are at DHS, it's one of the weakest parks at WDW thematically.

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    Re: Disney MGM opening day attractions.

    Theatre of the Stars actually didn't open for another three months after opening day.

    Of note:
    1) Studio Backlot Tour was originally two hours in length, and extremely extensive. One hour was devoted to a walking tour, the other the proper tram tour. Considering that Universal Studios Hollywood still remains an average of 45 minutes, this is pretty impressive.
    2) The Great Movie Ride is also a 22-minute-long ride.
    3) The Magic of Disney Animation was also a lengthy walking tour with different "exhibits" to pass through.
    4) Superstar Television held an immense amount of guests in its 1,000-seat theater (still being used today), and it was also quite lengthy at 45 minutes.
    5) The park was still quite sprawling, and easily slid against DCA for the initial shop/attraction ratio, but then again... it was a massive hit.

    Theatre of the Stars and Indiana Jones were RUSHED due to the incredible weight of crowds pummeling upon the park, which never stopped coming. Managers were kicking themselves for delaying Star Tours' construction. But they really wanted to beat USF to the punch, and hey, they did.

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