Hey Tom,

I just, finally, finished up your latest trip report. I was really excited about this segment because I had seen last week that you said "If you only read one installment of this trip report, this should be the one."

Now, I really loved all of the commentary on Richard Sherman and his songs. I love Disney music, so this was awesome. I wish I could've been there for that.

Where you sort of lost me was with Dream-maker,-catcher, -weaver? Oh yeah, Dreamfinder and Figment. I don't want to diminish your (and the crowds) feelings and sentiments towards this seemingly momentous event, but it did absolutely nothing for me. I had literally never heard of or seen Dreamfinder before and the only reason I know about Figment was due to your earlier TR's.

Anyways, I just thought that was funny. I'm a child of the 80's-90's too, being born in 1983. I'm guessing it's because you grew up with Disneyworld and I grew up with Disneyland (living 30 miles away my entire life). I just think it's awesome that we all (or maybe just most) have the special things that represent Disney Magic in it's purest form and even if it's something that's insignificant to someone else, it could bring a tear to your own eye because of the Magic and memories.