I haven't seen anything posted about the changed entertainment schedules that have been here at the Magic Kingdom for the last week. (Please excuse any 24 hour time that doesn't have the 12 hour time posted next to it, thank you.)

Dream Along with Mickey doesn't start until 1245. There was typically a few shows before this but they were cut. At the moment of time the show can be caught at any of these times 1245, 1345 (1:45 pm), 1445 (2:45 pm), 1635 (4:45 pm), 1815 (6:15 pm), 1935 (7:35 pm). The reason being is that...

Celebrate a Dream Come True Parade has 2 showings now. Similar to how MSEP (or when Spectro was here) has 2 shows when its the summer time. The first one steps off at 12 and the second steps off a little later than normal 1530....errr 3:30 pm.

Along with that Move it, Shake it, Celebrate it has adjusted times too 1030 is the first showing, 1730 (5:30 pm) is the second and 7 pm is the last.

If no one out there knows there are two showings of Disney's newest night time show called The Magic, The Memories and You. The two times are before and after the fireworks, 2145 (9:45 pm) and 2235 (10:35 pm). You can only see this show being in front of the castle and the second one pretty much leads right into the second parade. So if you get in the front for the fireworks and plan on seeing the second parade you'll have something to keep you entertained other than the Main Street cast members playing around with the kids.

And I know in the summer it can be kind of late, however the Kiss Goodnight still occurs here at the magic kingdom. Sadly this show does go on during the closure of the park which at the current time is 0000-0300 (12 am-3 am). This show isn't anything too special but lighting of the castle and the times really didn't change. I just thought I'd mention it because its actually my favorite small show, and not just because the park is closing.