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    what should be changed in Dinoland usa

    Here are my ideas
    take out dinorama,thoe i love how complex the theme of the whole land is the dinorama area doesnt really expemplify dinosaurs.Expand the boneyard area and the reasearch center.

    ok the boneyard will consist of two new ride
    since Animal kingdom is lacking in family rides both rides will be ones for family

    Boneyard transit(a retheme od primeval whirl):the archeologist have made a neat way to clean and transit bones.guest board a bone(a different one each time) and spin through the transit station getting sprayed with water and being "cleaned"

    Crane carrier:a golden zephler like ride themed after a crane carrying fossils

    ok now the area with the theater of the wild will become an area themed to the reacerch center the dinosaur area will be labeled building A and the theater of the wild will be labeled building B(note.I love Nemo.this idea is for when nemo becomes old).The new ride will be like 2000 leagues under the sea from disney sea but will be themed after a tour of a fake prehistorc ocean tank built by the center filled prehistoric aquatic reptiles that the reaserch center has saved from extinction.

    what are your ideas

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    Re: what should be changed in Dinoland usa

    OK, also a great Idea, may face some problems from other Micechaters on the Issue of cloning, but everything else is fine.

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