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    Re: Walt Disney World at Christmas or in Spring 2012

    Let me give a revised suggestion:

    2011: Check out the new Harry Potter stuff at Universal; it's amazing. (3 days)
    2012: Check out the new Carsland, Mermaid, and Star Tours at DL/DCA (3 days)
    2013: Check out WDW's new Fantasyland expansion (a week)

    If you were to hit up Universal this year, I'd go in the fall, so you can add a few more days and hit up the Food and Wine Festival at EPCOT and maybe catch Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party. If you have kids that are teenagers, then I'd just opt to do the Universal Halloween stuff instead. I just wouldn't go during Christmas.

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    Re: Walt Disney World at Christmas or in Spring 2012

    Thank you. All of you have helped. I think I will avoid the worst week in December, plan to go when important attractions are open (Winter or Spring), ignore the closures of water parks (unless my vacation somehow is delayed till May), and plan to have lunch or dinner with an Imagineer. I think we may either get the cheap (Category 3) seats for Cirque du Soleil or merely bypass this show on our first trip to WDW because of the cost per person for good (Category 1) seats is rather high (around $120). I am considering staying at a WDW Value Resort since friends said they liked them and I want to keep down the cost of eight days (seven nights). We may consider the Carribean Beach Resort for the next WDW visit which would probably be after current construction is complete.

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    Re: Walt Disney World at Christmas or in Spring 2012

    Quote Originally Posted by thedude76 View Post
    The best time to visit WDW will be after the Fantasyland expansion is complete. Right now, you're going during the time when WDW is beaten up by the recession: ride elements are broken, staff is demoralized, and the monorail and resorts need some work. But the food is still really, really good.

    If you absolutely want to go to Florida, I suggest hitting up Universal this year: the Harry Potter stuff is awesome, the staff working the Harry Potter is super happy, and the park doesn't look that run down. But you can hit all the Universal stuff in three days, so I'd go for an extended weekend.
    Wasnt the other option to go to DL instead of WDW? DCA is under ALOT more construction woes than even FL at MK is. Waiting for the expansion to end I originaly thought was the idea too...but seeing the alternative Im not so sure!

    Yo Ronf if you do lunch with an imagineer let us know what that is like. I found out about that offering a few months ago and it has became top of my bucket list!!!

    value resorts are worth the money for the most part. I have heard of comlaints about hearing the neighbors toilet in the middle of the night but at least no enclosed hallways to keep that noise down. The motif is pretty tacky, but if you arent spending much time in them its a good deal. If you are going to do some hotel days do the moderate resort. I have heard Port Orleans is one of the nicer in that category (and something about a margarita bar near the pool ) I wouldnt snuff my nose at going to universal to check out harry potter. It will be crazy busy but still might be worth checking out if you arent coming back anytime soon.
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