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    Character Performer Auditon

    I attended a disney performer audition. There was no cuts, and their was only like 40 of us in the room because my state isn't that big and didn't draw a large audience. Well they mainly just had us to the animation act, small group act and greetings. Also the dancing. ( I can't dance and he said it didn't matter if you could or not) I was just hoping for a meet and greet position. I attended this because I applied for the college program. At the end of the audition the man said he was going to call a few numbers because their height/ personality was specific to something and if you didn't get called it didn't mean you didn't make it. Me and nobody from the college group got called. What does this mean? I just filled out the application because he said we had 48 hours after the audition to fill it out and i did. How will they contact me? I'm sorry I have no idea really what's going on. Anybody can be of help? Thank youuuu.

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    Re: Character Performer Auditon

    It means you could still get into the college program but they were probably contacting people that fit certain "face" roles or had good enough dance skill to the dance-heavy stuff. Those categories are usually in high demand and they probably want to get those people to commit ASAP.

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    Re: Character Performer Auditon

    2 things:

    1) Even if you only do meet and greet sets, your title is still Character Performer.

    2) they may have been called back for Parade dancers or Face character roles. You can still be accepted into the College Program, it just may not be in entertainment. Just keep an eye out for that offer letter!

    They must be doing it differently then when I did the CP. They told us right after the audition that we were cast as either a Character Performer or an Entertainment Host. Also, when I went in Sprin 2005, they were holding an additional audition for Character Performer roles that were still open (Mouse and Goofy heights) On the first day of Check-In. A buddy of mine was cast as an Entertainment Host, he reauditioned, and got cast as a Character Performer. So keep an eye out for that as well!

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    Re: Character Performer Auditon

    I just went to an audition and made it to the wigging and costume portion...we started at 70 and in the finals there were only 7 of us. They didn't hire any of us on the spot but said that we would hear back in a week or a couple of weeks...they had to bring back everything to Orlando and go over it...does this mean I may not get the part?

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