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    MY Beastly Kingdom INSTEAD of Avatar!!!

    Hey all, DM here doing my first post in the WDW forums. Avatar seemed to be the answer to compete with the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at IOA, but IMO (like several others), it doesn't seem right. Then the Beastly Kingdom discussions came about: it should've come from the grave in place of the Avatar idea. Here's my idea of what Beastly Kingdom could be. And please forgive me if I make any mistakes, because I don't know much about the location and if there's something there already.

    : The land is in the area between Expedition Everest and Rafiki's Planet Watch, the path to the Kingdom is accessed via Wildlife Express ONLY. In response, the train will switch directions and arrive at Beastly Kingdom first, before continuing to Rafiki's Planet Watch.

    Backstory: Set in an archeological dig site, a team of archeologists invite guests to explore their newest finds and their scariest encounters. Many had disappeared into the bowels of the mystical caverns, and locals, as well as the archeologists, have refused to expedition to anywhere else. Thus, they have invited guests to partake in their "work" and embark on great adventures.

    Attractions: There are a total of three attractions: Dragon's Keep (a junior roller coaster concept similar to The Dragon at Legoland), 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (the return of the infamous submarine voyage at WDW), and the main attraction, Journey to the Center of the Earth (direct from Tokyo DisneySea).

    -Dragon's Keep is set in a show building disguised as a giant cave. The first portion of the ride is like a dark ride, and the second portion is the first fully-indoor junior roller coaster.

    -20,000 Leagues Under the Sea is set in a lagoon/show building that uses the original storyline of MK's ride, with new updated animatronics.

    -Journey to the Center of the Earth is set in a volcano, but not too high to dwarf the nearby Expedition Everest. It is the exact ride from Tokyo, with the exception of the Japanese language being used.

    So what do you guys think? Post comments and thoughts below!
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    Re: MY Beastly Kingdom INSTEAD of Avatar!!!

    These kind of threads tend to depress me, since I usually see better ideas than tend to come out of Disney. I would love for them to do this. My only suggestion would be for more attractions. I would also love to see stuff based on classic mythological beasties, such as dragons, centaurs, pegasus, Cerberus, etc.

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    Re: MY Beastly Kingdom INSTEAD of Avatar!!!

    first off, as I have already thought that a beastly kingdom is NOT the direction the park should go in (nor should it be Avatar) as they have already began to expand mythological creatures into the parks (see yeti) if they built a path from Everest into this land and kept the mythological aspects in those two areas I would be actually rather happy. it makes the yeti sort of the guardian for this portal to a relm where these creatures are. thats where my like for this stops however unfortunately.

    the background you made for this is the exact same background story for Dinoland (archaeological dig site where scientists have made some new discoveries and breakthroughs in technology). there needs to be something new that excites people. this in turn extends over to your ride concepts which are all copies of other attractions. to me that is a deadly sin as myself and many other Disney goers are sick and tired of copy and paste attractions, we want our own special attractions built for our park. I want a reason to go to Disney world and that reason should not be "all the rides I liked at Disneyland are here and its cheaper then flying to California so might as well check the place out". finally there wasnt really enough attractions there. one e-ticket and two d's (arguably a d and an a) is just nowhere near enough. just a few things i saw but it was a nice try though.

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    Re: MY Beastly Kingdom INSTEAD of Avatar!!!

    Beastly Kingdom, from what I understand, was supposed to be basically Cryptology type animals. So, as the above poster stated, the yeti could be the guardian to said land. I think that 20,000 leagues and JtCoE would be a good choices but a dragon kiddy coaster just reminds me of the cheap one that I see at just about every county fair and carnival I go to and i would not have enough faith in TDO to believe that they wouldn't just use the off the shelf carny coaster. (If you want proof, spinning rides like dumbo seem to be the answer or everything...)
    Personally I think Imagineering needs to be hooked to a 12 volt deep cycle battery and get jump started. I think that skimming these boards would give them a better idea of what is imaginative than what they have at the moment. Personally I am tired of all the movie based stuff. I want an attraction that is immersive, imaginative, pure old school Disney, and just fun. Can they not see the lessons from the past? It does not have to be necessarily based on anything just to be popular! I am not an Avatar fan and I think that a whole Pandora themed land might just be opening a pandora's box... TDO would be wise in remembering the K.I.S.S. model.
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    Re: MY Beastly Kingdom INSTEAD of Avatar!!!

    I'm afraid I don't think that the rides you've chosen would fit together with each other in one land, or even that they would all fit in to Animal Kingdom.

    Dragon Coaster - If you're going to do a dragon-or any mythological based - roller coaster, it should be done all the way, and not repeating the problems that Dinoland USA has now. That is, there's no harm in shooting high with your ideas or suggestions: make it a super-themed darkride/roller coaster combo, and you'll get a lot more people in support of it.

    In addition, I'm not sure that it fits with the Vernian overtones of the other rides, and indeed the tone of the land.

    20,000 Leagues Under the Sea - I'm afraid that I've always seen this ride (and indeed this story) as about the triumph of the human spirit on conquering the natural elements. It doesn't really have much to do with living together with nature, other than harnessing it to avoid political realities, as Captain Nemo did. Or at the very least, at the indomitable genius of the best of human kind. I'm not sure (even though it features undersea creatures) it would be the best ride to display Animal Kingdom's ideals.

    Journey to the Center of the Earth - This might be the one that could fit best in the park. It involves lots of crazy, imaginary (and importantly) WED original creatures. In addition, a spin could be put on it to allow it to have more of a focus on living with nature, and animals and all that good stuff.

    The Location: Adding a rather patchwork assortment of rides from other parks in the back of Animal Kingdom will not solve anything. It may add a couple rides, but it would be much better if at the very least it was placed where Camp MM is currently.

    Anyway, I don't really feel that this would be a worthwhile addition to the park, but it was a good write up, and a valiant effort. I hope that you continue to come up with ideas, and post them.
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    Re: MY Beastly Kingdom INSTEAD of Avatar!!!

    I think it will be very interesting to see how this all turns out. Yes, Avatar is not my favorite film, but it was a global smash and Cameron and Disney are both amazing story tellers. Rarely does Disney end up with something that is poor (maybe a certain Stitch attraction excluded) so I am willing to see what unfolds.
    That said, it is fun to think about what 'could be'. If Disney ever did come back around to Beastly Kingdom I think it would be awesome!
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