View Poll Results: What's your favorite Disney park in Walt Disney World

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  • Magic Kingdom

    16 34.04%
  • Epcot

    22 46.81%
  • Disney's Hollywood Studios

    5 10.64%
  • Disney's Animal Kingdom

    9 19.15%
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    Re: What's your favorite Disney park in the Walt Disney World?

    Disneyland is my home park, so what other park could it be than Epcot.

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    Re: What's your favorite Disney park in the Walt Disney World?

    I liked visiting EPCOT and I've liked working there, as day labor, doing dishes in so many of the World Showcase restaurants. Y'see, if I was working on the day shift, I could visit EPCOT for a few hours till the park closed. Also, I could sample a bit of food from the restaurants. Not enough to qualify as a meal, but nice anyway. Now, as far as the attractions go, it's Future World for me, even though my favorite pavilion, Horizons, is no longer there.

    I don't get to go back there anymore - haven't been there since 1997 - but it's always my favorite Disney park.
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    There should be a sticky thread called "This Day in Disney History." The company has a long history and this would be a good way to acknowledge it. Walt was born 112 years ago; that's quite a chunk of American history and culture.

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    Re: What's your favorite Disney park in the Walt Disney World?

    It's a tie for me between Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom. Epcot was cool, but.. just lacked something that I can't quite place my finger on (I love edutainment stuff, so that's not it, so you know).

    DHS? With the exception of Tower of Terror, One Man's Dream, Star Tours, The Great Movie Ride, and Muppet Vision 3D... it needs to be razed and a new park be built in it's place. I would rather go to Magic Mountain in California than DHS.


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    Re: What's your favorite Disney park in the Walt Disney World?

    EPCOT for me. I wish I could say Magic Kingdom but there's so much missing from what I'm used to at DLR that I'm always just a bit disappointed.

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    Re: What's your favorite Disney park in the Walt Disney World?

    Quote Originally Posted by Disneylandfan85 View Post
    But there are still some areas of interest there, right?
    Oh, certainly. I still LOVE EPCOT, but it's slipped below MK as my favorite.

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