Hi all,
My DH and I built an iphone app and we got it approved (Oct 8). It's been pretty fun building the app, but as the "marketing director" I have TOTALLY slacked in getting the news out and it shows. I want to go out on a date this weekend and DH doesn't want to have any fun unless we sell 100 apps (we are at 13 in 3 weeks).

This app is the must do's for Toddlers at WDW... But even if you don't have a toddler, pls buy anyway - it's only $.99.

The link is as follows:
App Store - Disney Bubble - WDW Toddler Edition

Also, to the powers that be: I hope I am not out of line here. Many many apologies if I am. I seriously just want a date night with DH - we haven't been out since..... um.... May?

Thanks so much everyone...