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    Anyone else besides me love the Stave Church music?

    Just throwing this out there...I listen to it practically every day, and love the Norway Pavilion a lot.

    The Stave Church loop is just....relaxing, with a proper dash of weird 80's/Kenny G. type kitschy element to it. It's hard to describe, but I love it. Anyone else out there in the same boat?
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    Re: Anyone else besides me love the Stave Church music?

    Yeah... the Soprano Sax just kills that for me. Not that I have anything against Soprano Saxophones in general. I just don't care for the Kenny-G vibe.

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    Re: Anyone else besides me love the Stave Church music?

    Gee, you got me thinking... Do I prefer Church music or Kenny G? Man, I'll be up all night wondering which is better! lol

    I forgot what that music sounds like but I've always preferred the Mexico music myself. I also love the pre-illuminations loop but I can't find it anywhere... for some reason it builds up anticipation for some reason.
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