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    A Sparkling Christmas Castle Show

    Does anyone remember these WDW stage shows? I found this on an old post--

    A Sparkling Christmas (Christmas 1991)
    A Sparkling Christmas Spectacular (Christmas 1992 - 1998)

    I have been looking far and wide for any sort of recording of this show. I'm assuming the theme song is the one from the "Everyday's a Holiday" Christmas segment. Does anyone have or know where I can find a recording? Thank you sooooo much!!!

    Have a great day and a
    Merry Christmas,

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    Re: A Sparkling Christmas Castle Show

    ORDDU: sisters and I don't know exactly where you might find any recording, duckling. However we can tell you that--due to budget cutbacks--the newest incarnation of the Castle Stage Christmas show has been re-named. It's called 'Celebrate the Season'. They must want to be politically correct. Also, the newest stage show for Christmas isn't nearly as grand or spectacular as it used to be.

    ORWEN: We hope someone comes forward with the recording you want, duckling!! Have you written to Santa Clause about it?

    ORGOCH: More 'n likely he's been too busy callin' the Looney squad ta come 'round and pick up two sister witches that ought not ta be bargin' in on somebody's topic like this--less'n they can be more help than what they been so far!

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