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    How crowded will it be at MK on the 24 hour day?

    Should we expect this day to be absolutely packed or pretty manageable?

    on the for MK crowd index on the day is 2.4 out of 10
    • but when you look at the DL crowd index on the same day its a 10 out of 10

      So they are predicting Disneyland to be packed but Magic Kingdom to be not so crowded I guess... but I don't really understand why.... What do you guys think?

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    Re: How crowded will it be at MK on the 24 hour day?

    I am guessing MK won't be as bad. The biggest factor being the numbers of APs in CA versus orlando. Also and this is just my opinion of course I could spend 24 hours in DL but not the MK especially with BTTMR down I know the Matterhorn is down but there is a still a number of good attractions open in DL. The MK has always been kind of plain to me but again that's probably because I grew up on Dl not MK.

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    Re: How crowded will it be at MK on the 24 hour day?

    Yeah it's the two different audiences generating two different results.

    For many who go to WDW, are families who've come from a great distance, it's their vacation, and they've paid big bucks to enjoy the warm climate and go at a more leisurely pace around the parks. Really the last thing that they want to do is stay in a park overnight and keep their kids awake all night long, especially when they aren't used to being awake then, and never planned to be out overnight anyway.

    Contrast that to Disneyland's audience, the vast majority of which are locals from the surrounding area (tens of millions live within an hour's drive), many of whom are teens/young adults who dream of a chance to do something like stay in Disneyland overnight. They don't have kids. They have no logisitical problems. They usually spend their nights in clubs when they can. They're used to this, but not used to doing it at Disneyland. They will also, in large part, have Annual Passes already, making this idea cost exactly $0 extra to do. Instead of staying up watching something on their DVR, go to Disneyland all night long. All it costs is gas and maybe parking & food/drinks. Who can go to a party, much less Disney's party, all night long for that cheap?

    That said, I don't expect too many people to still be around later than 2am or so in either park. MK will very likely be a complete ghost town. DL will have a decent amount of people, but there are more attractions in Disneyland to handle the larger crowd, leading to me to believe that there'll be generally negligible wait times throughout the park.

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    Re: How crowded will it be at MK on the 24 hour day?

    And Leap Day is also a weekday... in the middle of the week. So there are people who can't stay all night because they have to be at work the next morning.

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    Re: How crowded will it be at MK on the 24 hour day?

    I would expect the Magic Kingdom to be mad packed until about 11pm that night. If you go from 11pm-6am, it should be a little more manageable.

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