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    Crowds the weekend BEFORE and early beginning of Thanksgiving week?

    Hello! My family is planning a trip to Disney World in November. My kids have the entire week of Thanksgiving off. However, we want to avoid crowds if possible. I'm planning on leaving for Disney World right after I pick them up from school on Tuesday the week BEFORE Thanksgiving week. They will miss 3 days of school So the week PRIOR to Thanksgiving week, we would be at the parks on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. I'm not anticipating huge crowds then. What I'm a little worried about is that Saturday, Sunday and Monday leading up to Thanksgiving. We would be flying home the Tuesday of Thanksgiving week. Do you think the crowds are terrible the weekend prior and Monday of Thanksgiving week. Thanks so much for any input.

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    Re: Crowds the weekend BEFORE and early beginning of Thanksgiving week?

    Weekends are always more busy than say, Wednesday. Locals come by since their off work, and vacationers will come so that their kids miss zero school. Monday will be better. Also, I went once during the second week of November, and the park was pretty empty. We waited ten minutes to get on Everest. I think Thanksgiving is the least crowded of all the holiday seasons, mostly because people want to pig out on goodies and stuff themselves inside Grandma's house, rather than take the whole extended family to Disney.

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    Re: Crowds the weekend BEFORE and early beginning of Thanksgiving week?

    WEEK before thanksgiving. No problem. Fine.

    BUT... The Friday, Saturday and Sunday before, it starts to pick up. They're also promoting the christmas party and stuff, but overall, it's a good time if you can grab the kids out of school.

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