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    Re: Going by myself to walt disney world. Any Advice?

    Howdy Pards,

    Well...I've been there alone before...last month in fact. The thing that keeps happenin' to me is folks stoppin' me to ask for directions because they think I work there. But, that's O.K.. Kinda fun actually cause I know my way to most places...and it's kinda fun to say..."Well, shucks I'm headed over that way myself...follow me. Where you folks from?"

    I wound up visitin' about four different attractions with one nice older couple I met. It was their first
    trip. Nice folks...

    But, bein' alone at Walt Disney World...well...let's see. Big can do whatcha wanna do at your own pace. If you are wise you wont rush around tryin' to do everything in thirty minutes...relax and truely savor the magic. Plan your attack well in advance of your visit...know whatcha wanna do...but be
    flexible enough too. If you've got a Disney Visa Card, head over there to Innoventions and get your picture took for free with two surprise characters. I was lucky enough to get Goofy and Minnie. And, my gosh, Goofy shook my hand and Minnie reached out with both her arms and hugged me! It made my day! They both looked great in the picture too...I looked kinda old. Can't figure out why...both of them are older than I am...yet I don't think they've aged a bit since... Well, just go get your picture took...

    Do the things you've always wanted to one of those turkey legs...hop aboard one of those logs over at Splash Mountain...take your time in One Man's Dream...head on up to the very top of the stadium in Lights, Motors, Action! Take one of those early morning tours...I took "The Magic of Our Steam Trains Tour" and it was an absolute highlight of my trip...I actually sat in the cab of the Walter E. Disney Locomotive and had my picture took with my hand on the throttle! Now, there's a dream come true for this grizzled ol' timer!

    Talk to cast members. Ask them how long they've been workin' at Disney. Ask them if they like it. And don't be surprised if you meet a Cast Member from South I did...or from someplace else far, far away. Listen to their'll make your day...and theirs. You'll find yourself learnin' things you never knew...

    Take time to savor things...there is a pond over there in the Animal Kingdom with a million fish in it...every color of the rainbow...absolutely amazing...

    Go see the things ya love over and over and over again...I lost count how many times I visited Mickey's Philharmagic...I absolutely love it when Tinkerbell shows up and practically touches your nose...

    I sailed with the pirates a whole lot more than once of course...and I rode those doom buggies until every one of those ghosts at the know...

    I sat upstairs in the peace and quiet of the Columbia House and truly savored some wonderful fish and chips...I sat in one of the stage booths in the Diamond Horseshoe and very slowly sipped on a coke while admirin' all those longhorn steer horns...and the beauty of the place.

    I watched folks buyin' turkey legs and sharin' 'em with those big ol' beautiful Florida birds in Frontierland. Don't know how many times I
    enjoyed the Country Bear Jamboree...sometimes up close, sometimes mid-way back, and sometimes way in the back. Did Muppetvision 3D that way too...and I loved it.

    I shopped in the stores I wanted to shop in...enjoyed a Banana Split over at Beaches and Cream...and explored the endless hallways over at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. I had Pineapple Dole Whip at the Polynesian and walked over to the Grand Floridian. Sat in those comfortable couches and looked up at that beautiful ceiling rememberin' the huge Christmas Tree they have in there every year...then I caught the monorail off to my next adventure.

    Freedom to do whatever you want whenever you want as often as you a show...or ride that Tomorrowland Transportation system...or those wonderful steam trains around the park... And, if ya look kinda official, folks will walk up to ya and ask where the nearest restroom is...and you'll feel good...cause you know the answer. I can think of far worse things than bein' mistaken for a Cast Member at Walt Disney World... Enjoy your trip...and have a magical day!

    Adios for now. Talk to ya on down the trail.

    Wild Ol' Dan
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    Re: Going by myself to walt disney world. Any Advice?

    Quote Originally Posted by DisneyZealotBJP View Post

    I am going to walt disney world by myself from May 15-23. I am going to walt disney world for 4 days (1 day for each park), hit seaworld for one day, and universal for 2 days (1 day for each park). Is this enough time to do most things in each park. I am going alone so hopefully that will increase my chances of getting on rides faster. What are the best things to do when by yourself touring walt disney world. I love disney and want to know any cool secret things to do and what not.

    Which rides and attractions have single rider lines?

    And does anyone know if walt disney world has a certain fastpass system like the Disneyland resort where some rides are not connected?
    I am a weekly Disneyland visitor who just got back from a 5 day Disney World trip solo. It was an amazing experience. The parks really work well solo for many of the reasons people posted about earlier.

    You can see most of the parks with your schedule. You might want to park hop Hollywood Studios and AK on Day 3 - And use your last day to do whatever you missed or want to do again.

    Have a great trip!!
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    Re: Going by myself to walt disney world. Any Advice?

    WDW does have a fast pass system. It is not for all the rides though...

    There are a few rides you MUST fast pass (to avoid the queue later). They are:

    1) Sourin' at EPCOT
    2) Toy Story at MGM

    For all the other rides, fast passes are nice, but not required, as you can try them at different times of the day (especially early or near closing), and easily get lines < 15 mins or even walk on. When you go to EPCOT or MGM, be sure to go get those fast passes
    immedietly as soon as you get to the park. Go straight there.

    Disney does not have single rider lines, however they WILL ask people in the queue if they are single riders, and allow them to jump the line to fill up a ride. So, you can use this to your advantage.

    Seems you already went on your trip. But, there's my belated advice. Hope you had fun!

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    Re: Going by myself to walt disney world. Any Advice?

    I go to Disney quite often by myself, when the girlfriend is unable to join me.

    The only real advice I have that most people don't know about is for Toy Story Mania. If you are forced to wait in the standby line, before you hit the stairs tell the cast member working the podium that you are by yourself. They will swiftly guide you into the fastpass line thereby reducing your wait time by 20-30 minutes.

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    Re: Going by myself to walt disney world. Any Advice?

    Quote Originally Posted by englanddg View Post
    Disney does not have single rider lines...
    Sorry, but this is just not true. I don't have the whole list, but I know for a fact that Everest in DAK has single rider, and Test Track had it (before they closed, so who knows what they'll do when they open again). In fact, the only way I've ridden Test Track for years was with via the single rider option.

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