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    Wreck-It Ralph Attraction

    Now that more information has come out about the next Walt Disney Animated feature film, Wreck-It Ralph, I've started thinking about what kind of attraction it could inspire in the parks. Fancy Arcade? Dark Ride? Interactive Show? And where would it fit? Maybe give a boost to Disney's Hollywood Studios?

    What does everyone think of the film so far? And what kind of attraction would you want to see come out of it?
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    Re: Wreck-It Ralph Attraction

    If anything could breathe some life back into Disney Quest, this is probably it. ...Well, this or the advent of the holodeck.
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    Re: Wreck-It Ralph Attraction

    We'll see how it does at the box office. I have a feeling it might be good not great (not the film the earnings at the box office). If it turns out to be a hit I'm sure we'll see it somewhere in the parks. I hope it doesn't go in DHS! That park needs a direction not another random attraction that "fits" because it's a movie. DHS has continually had attractions added that vaguely fit because they are movies. If it goes into the parks I hope it gets a ElecTRONica style night party in WDW.
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    Re: Wreck-It Ralph Attraction

    Just throw up some 3D screens, paint some cardboard, and tada!!! Maybe put this one in Animal Kingdom. lol
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    Re: Wreck-It Ralph Attraction


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    Re: Wreck-It Ralph Attraction

    put in the land and put the greenhouse backstage

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