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Thread: Oh hell no!!!!

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    Re: Oh hell no!!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by edward1978 View Post
    I hope this article is a big joke.

    YOU CAN’T SPELL ‘DREAMFINDER’ WITHOUT M-E-R-I-D-A… | From dreamer… to Dreamfinder/

    Epcot's imagination pavilion is belegured enough with Dr. Channing and the Imagination Insitute, being tied in with HISTK and Flubber. I do not want another movie tie in for Journey Into Imagination, beside Merida would be a horrible companion to Figment. What would JII be like tied in to Brave? Figment riding on the back of Angus while he tries to tell Merida that she has no imagination? No way will I ever support such a stupid idea for an attraction, if Disney want a ride themed to Brave, they can do it at MK, DHS or DCA but not at Epcot, and definatly not in the Imagination pavilion. I want the original JII back, the way it's supposed to be, so that Dreamfinder can tell us all that Imagination is something that belongs to all of us.

    WHERE in that article does it hint that Merida is going into the Imagination Pavilion? I really did not get that from the article at all. It would be like reading about how Disney purchased Marvel and concluded the Mickey Mouse will now star in the next Spiderman movie.

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    Re: Oh hell no!!!!

    No....just no.

    What is thy bidding, my Mouseter?

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