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    Re: What order do you go to the parks?

    My order changes with each trip, but it's always Magic Kingdom or Epcot first. One trip we went to Animal Kingdom first, and although it's a great park, my group just didn't feel right until we saw the castle or Spaceship Earth, so we had to park hop at lunchtime. We revisited Animal Kingdom later on in the week and all was right in the world.

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    Re: What order do you go to the parks?

    The best way to end a visit to Walt Disney World is with Fantasmic! ...that is my only demand when I go.
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    Re: What order do you go to the parks?

    When we first get to the parks, we always start with MK. However, if our son wasn't with us I think we would start someplace else like AK or EPCOT.

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    Re: What order do you go to the parks?

    I'm the same with the order they were built, though this year I am breaking that rule and doing AK on the second day...because of EM hours and I want to get that park out of the way. I really would rather spend time on the other parks.

    Still, as EPCOT is my favorite park, it's odd that I've planned it as my 4th day, but that's how the schedule worked out.

    Still...I may not stick to it (outside of ADRs!)
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