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    California Grill Rehab...

    Disney California Grill renovations: Disney World's California Grill will undergo extensive renovation -

    I think everyone knows how I feel about Disney Parks Foodservice, but hey, at least the place's look will be updated.

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    Re: California Grill Rehab...

    I wish they'd go with a retro Top of the World look. Retro's in now; onstage kitchens and fusion menus are quickly becoming sooo early 2000's.
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    Re: California Grill Rehab...

    Judging by the pic in the link, I haveta agree that a rehab is overdue. LOL

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    Re: California Grill Rehab...

    Yes the interior could use some refreshing... It is IMHO the best restaurant at Walt Disney World (aside from Victoria and Albert's). I hope they do an amazing job and keep it sophisticated and wonderful!

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    Re: California Grill Rehab...

    It feels like they just had one of these, but maybe I'm just getting old. I hope they go ultra modern because that's one of my favorite styles.

    The article also mentions that they aren't doing the health and wellness suites anymore. I hope they at least keep some of the look from that concept when they redo the rooms. I thought they looked really nice.
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