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    Re: Who killed Wonders of Life?

    I have nothing against Mission: Space or Test Track. I know that they are not completely educational, but you do learn some things about what space travel and car manufacturing.

    I cannot get over that Wonders of Life will be replaced with NOTHING!!!

    I know that it might just be a completely bad location, but WDW (and Epcot specifically) has SOOOO much room. To have less to see in such a large space seems like a waste.

    I really think that the theme of the human body has the potential of several great rides. Maybe Body Wars and Cranium Command were not them, but CC made me laugh (even in the preshow.) Some might laugh at how outdated it was, but you are still laughing!

    I see Future World as having the theme of knowledge and science. With all the new technologies being developed like bio-chemistry and nano-technology, I believe that a dozen great rides (which might even be thrilling!) could be added.

    I sure hope that there still is some imagination left in the world. Walt Disney said that as long as there is some left, DL would not be completed. The same could be said for Epoct. It would be a sad thought that Future World is now completed.
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    Re: Who killed Wonders of Life?

    I killed the Wonders of Life pavilion. Paid a witch doctor to put a hex on it. When the place is femolished, I plan on throwing a big ol' hangin' celebration party. Everyone will be invited.

    Looks like I killed this thread as well. LOL
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