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    Re: Which Resort Hotel has the best Trasportation System?

    In my opinion the Beach Club is the best for transportation. you are right next door to Epcot, a 15 minute walk or a 30 minute boat ride from DHS, you can access the monorail to MK with a 10 minute walk through Epcot, and your about an average distance from DAK so the bus ride isn't too bad. Ive also found that the Beach club busses are the most consistently on time and least packed on average out of the rest of the resorts ive stayed at.

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    Re: Which Resort Hotel has the best Trasportation System?

    I've never (well close to never) had any problems with the transportation system. We are DVC and always stay at Old Key West. The buses come every 20 minutes, you can set your watch by them. For example last week we used the Pensular stop and buses were there on the hour, 20 minutes after, and 40 minutes after.

    I have never rented a car at WDW. WhenI am on vacation I want to be on vacation, not driving from place to place. Also when on the bus we frequently strike up a conversation with fellow riders and it is an enjoyable time. If I want to go somewhere that is inconvenient or not accessible by bus (like going to church) I take a taxi.

    When we go to CA Grill we frequently go to Downtown Disney after dinner and the bus service at the Contemporary is frequently very few and far between for DtD and the bus is shared with the Poly and GF. At OKW the DtD bus arrives every 20 minutes and there is also a direct boat to DtD.

    It looks like it all depends on where you want to go as to who has the best service. But it looks like the All Stars have the most crowded (from what I have observed at the Epcot stops)

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    Re: Which Resort Hotel has the best Trasportation System?

    I also stayed at port Orleans riverside and after a day you have the bus system down and there was really no wait. We met friends for dinner at the polenisian and had to catch the monorail at MK and waited at least a half hour in line to get on the monorail.

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