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    Question Chrsitmas Parade---when is the taping?

    We are going to WDW in early December. I have heard the Magic Kingdom is extremely crowded and try not to go to the park because of the crowds. Does anybody know when the taping of the Christmas Parade and other activities will be done? Thanks!

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    Re: Chrsitmas Parade---when is the taping?

    they don't announce the dates or the schedule of entertainment. but it has been taped on the first weekend in Dec for at least the past 10 years now. Generally the crowds are pretty low this time of year throughout the resort. But Main St is an exception during the taping of the segments. If you want partake in the filming plan on a lot of waiting around then multiple takes followed by more waiting around and dont expect a lot of info being avail to guests. It is far from the polished Disney experience you are used to, but can be a lot of fun if you are prepared see it.

    Pretty much business as usual thoughout the rest of the WDW including at MK though if you are trying to get to the rest of the "lands" of MK often times guests are escorted backstage behind either side of Main St due to conjestion/closures.

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    Re: Chrsitmas Parade---when is the taping?

    I say thats about right. Its pretty close to Thanksgiving. I was about to say it's within two weeks after Thanksgiving.
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    Re: Chrsitmas Parade---when is the taping?

    Some of the taping will take place the weekend of Dec 1 and 2. The cheerleaders t hat perform in the parade yearly are staying at CSR that weekend.

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