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    Re: Yay... booked my WDW trip!

    Quote Originally Posted by Burnt Toast
    But anyway, we're thinking of 'Ohana or Yachtsman Steakhouse. California Grill was also on my list as well, as well as Jiko (even though my friend doesn't like that type of food)... I mean, just the desserts alone that they have there makes my mouth water.

    I'm still thinking of switching to Pop Century... saw that the 80's building has Pac-Man all over the building... and I love... Pac-Man. 8
    We tried Jiko last trip and I don't recall it being all that 'different' of food. We had steak, salmon, shrimp curry and pork tenderloin as our entrees. I think as far as 'different' one of our desserts was more 'out there' then any of our entrees. (It had buttermilk frozen yogurt and apple slaw - but it was good)

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    Re: Yay... booked my WDW trip!

    Hey, we're taking off for WDW around the same time you are!! We're staying in Pop Century, it will be our first time at that resort. I think it's the only resort we haven't stayed in.
    RE Jiko, the desserts were very yummy, we had the sampler plate and it was very good. They overdid it for us and brought us a sample of everything (I think it was supposed to be just 3 or 4 different items.
    I vote for Canada also, we've always had wondeful food there, the pretzel bread is so good, we always ask for some to take with us and the waiter/ress has always obliged. The only sad moment was when I found out they stopped making their cinnamon ice cream, it was the best!!
    I love Dumbo!!

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