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    Is there any perks to staying on the monorail line for Disney marathon?

    We are planning on going to WDW for marathon weekend. My husband is running in the Goofy Challenge and wanted to know if there are any perks to staying on the monorail line (polynesian, Contemporary etc.). He said he heard if you stay off monorail line but in the park area, you need to take a shuttle bus super early for the start. However, if you stay on the monorail line, you have a little more time to get there. HELP!

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    Re: Is there any perks to staying on the monorail line for Disney marathon?

    Yes, the monorail resorts are much closer to the parks. The Contemporary and Polynesian are even walking distance to the MK entrance. And, of course, the monorail will get you there much quicker than a bus. One hears occasional reports of interruptions to the monorail schedule, but it's still more convenient.

    Also, you can see the MK fireworks from those resorts if you don't want to brave the park crowds.

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    Re: Is there any perks to staying on the monorail line for Disney marathon?

    Specifically regarding the marathon, staying at a monorail resort unfortunately won't enable you to sleep in. If you're staying at any Disney resort, Disney requires you to be on a bus or monorail by 4am if you're participating in the race. You can take your chances and try to hop on later, but Disney won't guarantee that you'll get to the race by the start time if you're not on by 4am, plus they may stop service before you're able to board.

    Staying off property won't help either, because the traffic is so bad that you'll likely have to wake up even earlier to ensure that you make it to the starting line in time for the race to start.

    Bottom line: even though you have to be ready to go by 4am, staying on property allows you to sleep in later than the alternative. Where you stay on property doesn't change that - it's 4am no matter what.
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    Re: Is there any perks to staying on the monorail line for Disney marathon?

    My wife and I stayed at the Contemporary Resort for the half-marathon in January. Mouse Fan Travel had a really good deal on a garden wing room. We took a bus to get our racing packets the day before (like everyone else) and took the monorail the day-of. Still, the walk to the start is a long one and given the early time, people were saying that we looked like zombies or penguins (it was cold as well). Some of the zombies/penguins are dressed like characters though so it's not too bad. I would imagine that if we had taken a shuttle instead of the monorail we might have waited longer.

    I recommend bringing one of those thn metallic sheets that are given out at the finish of races to keep warm from the drop off to the start.

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