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    Talking Adopting a Xmas baby in FL! Which ONE park to visit while we wait?

    I'm a former CM at Disneyland, so am VERY familiar with DLR, but have never been to Florida or Disney World. We're adopting our first baby (sooo excited), due on December 20th, though she thinks it'll be more like New Years. The plan is to fly up maybe around the 17th and meet the mother, and maybe go to one of the parks together as a fun day to get to know eachother better. Do you guys have any recommendations about which one to visit? We can probably only afford one park, one day, since our budget is strapped due to the adoption and travel/lodging costs for a few weeks there. And I don't want to plan too much, we'll be pretty busy once the baby arrives! Which one has different things than DLR that you think would be worth seeing? And tips for avoiding the most crowded areas? Maybe somewhere with lots to do and see, but not only thrill rides, since I want the mom to be able to have fun too.

    And on a separate note, I'm also looking for good deals on places to stay. We'll probably be there for 3 weeks while the adoption papers are processed, so I want somewhere with a full kitchen, more like a vacation rental. Any suggestions? The birth will be about an hour away from Orlando, but we'll probably want to stay closer to the airport in case we can leave earlier than expected. I know ZERO about Florida; I've barely ever left CA!

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    Re: Adopting a Xmas baby in FL! Which ONE park to visit while we wait?

    First, congratulations! You think the rides at Disneyland are exciting? Wait until you start parenthood. THAT'S an exciting ride!

    As for which one park to go to, I'd pick the one park that you most want to have the strongest emotional tie to, since from now on, that park will always provide an emotional link between you and the experience of getting your child.

    Again, congrats. Let us know when the new little Mice Chatter arrives!

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    Re: Adopting a Xmas baby in FL! Which ONE park to visit while we wait?

    Congrats on your upcoming adoption!

    Out of the 4 parks I would say EPCOT Center. There are a good handful of rides both thrill and calm. You can visit and eat/drink at all of the countries. Plus at that time of year each country will be decorated for the holidays and you can watch the Candlelight Processional. At the end of the night you can also see Illuminations.

    As a former CM myself the Magic Kingdom is almost too much like Disneyland so you won't get to experience a lot of new stuff, just a lot of different versions of the same rides. Animal Kingdom is cool but you can see animals at the Safari Park or San Diego Zoo and they close early. DHS is ok but not worth your only day visiting.
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    Re: Adopting a Xmas baby in FL! Which ONE park to visit while we wait?


    I would go with Magic Kingdom for the park
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    Re: Adopting a Xmas baby in FL! Which ONE park to visit while we wait?

    I'd say Epcot because it is a good tie in with the baby because it will be a great future for youan dyour new baby. Congradulations!

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    Re: Adopting a Xmas baby in FL! Which ONE park to visit while we wait?


    EPCOT sounds like a good idea to me, too. The birth mother should be able to ride everything but Test Track and Mission: Space, and most of the things there aren't duplicates from DLR. World Showcase is a great, relaxed place to stroll, sightsee, and chat, and has a lot of good food offerings.

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