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    How to see the most in 2 days

    Hello all,

    I'm a DL veteran that is going to WDW for 2 days in September (September 28 and 29) and I've purchased the 2 day park hopper pass. I know that MNSSHP is closing the MK down at 7 on the 28th so my original thought was to do MK from 9-7 and then do Future world from 8-10ish and then do HS and the rest of EPCOT on the 29th. I think we're going to skip AK altogether (I'd love to do Expedition Everest but I can skip the rest of the animals).

    The real reason for the trip is that on September 27 I'm going to IOA and so I can get my share of water / thrill rides in there (hence skipping AK).

    What should I do/not do?

    I live 6 hours from DLR and can go there for a weekend trip (which I plan to do to see Carsland once the newness dies down).

    Thanks for any suggestions.

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    Re: How to see the most in 2 days

    I did this back in 07. Your crowds will probably be somewhat light, so you should be able to commando through it all in 2 days. On my trip I didn't even make it to HS. Don't skimp on your Epcot time is the best tip I can give you. It's huge and has lots of unique offerings. HS has a lot of what's already in DCA. We already have Star Tours, TSMM, Muppets here in CA. You also shouldn't need a full day in MK either. It's definitely awesome to do the attractions that we have and see how they're different! AK will be a half day for you at best. Make sure you see Flights of Wonder and Dinosaur along with the other obvious must-do's while there. Have a great trip!

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    Re: How to see the most in 2 days

    I will also be going to Disneyworld during that time, went two years ago and crowds were very light, 30 min max for E rides. I would not skip AK if you have never been there. You should easily be able to go to all four, I would do MK and then leave for Hollywood around 6, then the next day do AK in the morning, and Epcot later. Two years ago was my first time and we spent the least time in the MK, and AK turned out to be my favorite. I thought Epcot was a little overrated, its mostly alot of walking around. Plus the Test Track is under refurbishment so that frees up alot of time. And Expedition Everest and Dinosaur are some of the best rides at DW in my opinion.

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