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    Question Dining Plan / Kids Quick Service credit question

    I was told that when you are on the meal plan and have kids - that you don't "have" to order a kids quick service - that you can actually order a regular meal and it just counts as a normal credit. I had a friend who did this. I can't see my guy eating an adult serving anyway and do plan on getting him the kids meal but was curious if this were true. Also what is the age for "kids meal" - 10 and younger? 12 and younger? I know for table service the kids have to order off the kids menu. But was curious about lunch.
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    Re: Dining Plan / Kids Lunch credit question

    Kids can order the regular meal on the quick service credit. Ita ctually says guests 3 to 9 are to order off the children's menu where available. A children's menu is not always available. We used one QS credit for breakfast by ordering the regular pancakes and having the kids split it (it is enough for both of them) and than using another QS credit for lunch and having the kids split that as well. There is no difference. The credit is listed as a quick service credit and does not differentiate between adult and child.

    Children are ages 3 to 9.
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